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Processor - KM Medical Veterinary presents Aohua


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Brand-New Motus 3.0 Image Processing Platform​

  • High Data Processing Capacity

    Compared to 2.0 platform, it has more than 10 times computing power, 5 times memory bandwidth and 8 times memory capacity, all this makes it possible to easily process real-time image data with higher resolution and more computing power.

  • Full Digital Image Processing – 

    Fully digital image processing, it has enhanced the image signal’s SNR and reliability compare to 2.0 platform due to the deletion of the A/D process; Motus 3.0 platform features a brand-new image sensor with higher image resolution, lower power consumption, and better photo-sensibility.

  • A Variety Of Interfaces – 

    The Motus 3.0 platform provides a variety of interfaces to facilitate connections with different equipment in an operating room with USB, easy to keep images and videos.

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HbE Hemoglobin Enhancement

The powerful upgraded HbE function can better highlight the hemoglobin in the blood and has an obvious, invigorating effect on the possible blood-flow direction in diseased tissue.


HD Display, True Representation

High-definition image display, more details, clearly looking into any subtle changes before your eyes.


CMOS Image Sensors

With a high-resolution image sensor, and introducing digital image processing technology, it can protect the endoscopic colour and present the most high-quality images


USB Function

The USB interface on the processor can be used to store video and still images using a USB stick. In addition to capturing images and video in standard definition via a USB port on the front of the unit, the unit can be also connected to a PC or Laptop via an HD converter, allowing the user to store images and videos in high-definition.

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LED Light Source

Powerful LED lamp with high performance daylight spectrum can meet the brightness required for clinical examination. The Build-in LED light has a long lifespan and low power consumption which can greatly reduce the usage cost.

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